We live in a world in which focus is a problem.  I coach an under 10 soccer team, and at most practices I can keep the focus of the kids for about half an hour of the hour long practice.  Most of my players are new to the sport this year, and many of them are there because their parents want them the be in a sport.  For the new players it is difficult to keep their attention, as they would rather play tag, or transformers, or Obegon (I am not sure exactly what that is but they were running around last night yelling “obegon” and tagging each other).  My son who loves to play with other boys (until our fifth is born in October he is the only boy running around the house full of girl siblings) is always one of the main culprits.  The best is when three of the boys are playing some game during drills while those who want to play soccer are running right past them scoring.  Then, the problem comes for those who want to play soccer, their focus is shattered by the distractions of the other boys, and the limits of the drills we do.  Instead of learning more difficult concepts and honing their skills they are held back by the distractions and skills of the newer players.

I am still working on the focus for all these players, trying to reach the right balance for all of them.  This morning I thought about this even more, as I went to bed last night frustrated with how practice went.  I realized that the entire world is out of focus.  We live in 30 – 60 minute bites of time, our attention is gone if we do not switch media or style during a presentation every 5 to 10 minutes.  WE are distracted in all that we do, we find very little time for prayer, and yet even more excuses to avoid prayer.  We need something to keep us focus.  Catholic blogs are one of the ways I try to use to keep me focused, a reminder of the faith of so many out there.  Another new way I have found is via Fr. Longenecker, a Catholic priest in South Carolina, he also blogs and is a nationally known speaker.  As part of his venture into the new evangelization he has started a weekly newsletter.  This week is only the second week, but I highly recommend it.  It is short and to the point, but brings into focus our Catholicity and our life with God.  Truly if we are to be evanglizers we must stay focused.  I encourage you to go an sign up for Fr. Longenecker’s newsletter.


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