First relationship with God


This video is from the USCCB website.  They have a bunch of short videos they are putting on for the year of faith.  You should check it out.

The connection is made in this video that a child’s first concept of God come from their relationship with their parents.  No wonder there are so many people in today’s society that are atheists, or agnostic or just struggle in general with God.  If we don’t see how to love from our parents, if they are not intimately involved in our lives it is more difficult to see the love of God, and how He is in our lives.

As a parent this strikes a chord too.  How often do I not show the love of God to my children?  Am I too quick to yell when frustrated or upset?  Do I take time to nurture, and live with, and love my children?  Do I take time for each of them?  Do I teach them the virtues, or do I only pass on my vices?  All to often I do not follow through and parent as I ought.  I give to my children the vices I have grown too fond of.  I need to remember to take a step back, remember that these are not my children but the children of God and I must act accordingly.

I hope we can all do this today.  It does not matter if we have children or not, how we interact with everyone can be showing God to them.  One of the biggest obstacles for someone coming to faith is the actions of a Christian.  It is true with our own children that they see God through us, but also, if there is someone seeking faith, that God has touched and now they want to know Him, they are going to try to find Him through His people.  If we live His love at home, then we can live more easily His love outside of the home.  If we live His love, we will grow closer to Him, and He will bring others to Himself through us.


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