Guardian Angels

Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits me here, ever this day, be at my side to light and guard, to rule and guide.

I can not help but post about the guardian angels on this their feast day. Today is the day I post under evangelization and I think it is great that it coincides with the feast of the guardian angels. For if we are to evangelize we must be of right mind and of right spirit. We must evangelize with our actions and with our words. In order to do this we must have a close relationship with our guardian angel. Temptation abides all around us, there are dangerous traps and convenient paths to destruction laid about us every where. The closer we get to God the more these traps will be set. If we have evangelized many then we can turn away many through our fall.

In order to explore this more it is good to see why we have guardian angels. For each one of us there is an angel that continually sees the face of God. It is these angels that God chooses most directly to aid and guise us in our daily interactions. Knowing the spiritual warfare that we will address every day, God has seen it worthy to give us an ally. However, we must realize that this ally can only intercede when we allow it. The guardian angel will no more break our freedom and the freedom of our will then God will. The guardian angel only knows that which we let them know. If we are facing certain temptation it is well and good to pray to our angel asking for guidance and help. If we feel evil swelling up against us it is well and good to ask for protection. It is a good practice each morning and each night to pray the guardian angel prayer. It is good practice to pray each day that God will allow our guardian angels to know our thoughts. It is good when we endeavor upon a trip, project, conversation, etc. that we invoke the assistance of our angels.

Often, it seems that children are depicted as those being protected by the angels. This is definitely true. For one, they are more open to the spiritual world, and less skeptical of angels. They also are more readily open to the spiritual promptings of the angels. Their faith, their innocents, their love opens them to sense and not block out those promptings. Each of my children were able when they were young to see and discuss their angels. As they grew they started to learn more through corporeal action their connection to the angels lessons. Though they still will talk about assistance given at times by the angels. My 3 year old when she was barely able to talk would refer to her baby. Her baby would follow her around and was always in the room (from scripture we can speculate that our angels often appear in close appearance to ourselves see Acts 12:15-16). One night when visiting somewhere she would not go to sleep and screamed every time I left the room, she had never done this before even away from our house, she kept crying and pointing at something. I got some holy water and sprinkled the room and prayed for the protection of her guardian angel, then she said look there my baby! She calmed down and went right to sleep.

We ask in the prayer for our guardian angel to light, by asking this our angels can show us the right path to follow. We ask our angel to guard, the angels can then protect against traps. We ask our angel to rule, thus our angels can direct our actions away from evil and toward good. We ask our angels to guide, directing our words and actions. But we cannot pray with empty words, and empty hearts. If we can pray these words daily, and throughout the day we can seek the protection and guidance of the angels, the Holy Spirit can be more active in our lives and we can truly evangelize with love and truth.


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