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There is a priest that has been doing doctoral studies in Greece. His translator inherited some money and there are people that want that money. These people are threatening the translator and the priest and now both have gone missing.

This Friday as we offer the fast the Church asks us to do, let us offer our sacrifice for this priest and his translator.

A priest’s work is always dangerous, he is caring for the souls of the faithful. There are those who do not want the faithful to be cared for. There are many spiritual and sometime physical attacks that happen to a priest. They need prayers and strength from the faithful. They need our support. This is true, even if we do not agree with everything they say or do. They are people and they do make decisions, we will not always like that, but it does not make their work any less meaningful. Pray especially for pastors, as they are put in charge of a flock, they are to care for the spiritual well being of the flock, and the flock extends beyond those that come to Church on Sunday, it is all members of their Church and all people in their territory. Bishops need even more prayer, they are in charge of the spiritual care of all souls in their diocese. We should offer sacrifice often for those that have answered the call. It is only through that call and through the grace of God that they can serve the people well.

Let us always remember and respect the work of these men that serve the Lord in this unique way.  Let us always pray for spiritual and physical protection for them, let us always remember them as we suffer, and offer that suffering for their well being.



Priest was found, made it out of Greece and is doing fine.  Praise and glory to God.


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