What is Truth Part 3 (Homosexual Debate)

NOTE: This is from a religious perspective, based on the teachings of the Catholic Church.  I am willing to debate the merits of the argument, however, the arguments will presuppose the validity of revealed scripture.  Either the discussion needs to go back to the discussion on that topic, or the arguments against any statement needs to presuppose this validity.  The previous two posts used non-religious discussions on the topic.  This follows, based on the fact that truth is truth, if the faith of Abraham and the continued deposit and development of faith since is right then these religious arguments will hold truth even beyond those of faith.

God is one in being, there is no division within God.  Yet, we know through divine revelation in the person of Jesus Christ that God is three persons.  The unity of these three persons is so much that there is the essence of God is one.  This is the ultimate image of what love is: a complete pouring out of ones self into that of another, with that other pouring themselves out into the first.  This complete gift of self, never holding anything back, to the point that there is no end to one or beginning to the other.  Naturally following from this is creative flow of love.  This complete gift of self can not help but be creative.

It is this same type of love with which God chooses to love us.  He obviously gives a complete gift of himself, not even holding back the gift of himself in the second person, willing to give so much, so as to pour out His own blood for us.  God holds nothing back with us, He gives himself to us fully.  Knowing what we are in created being with both Body and Soul, He knows that we must use both our bodies and our souls to understand this love.  Thus He creates a companion for us. These companions, in right relationship, show to us who God is.  The ability to unite ourselves to one person completely, in all that we are, mentally, and physically, is to understand God’s love for us.  This love then must be open to procreation, as a direct result of this love is life giving.  In order to truly give who we are we must not hold back anything of who or what we are.  We give our mind, we give our bodies, we give our fruitfulness, we lay down our lives for each other.

Within the sexual relationship the image of God giving of who is into the very life of humanity and humanity receiving that love, and bearing new life from it, is shown in the very nature of the male inseminating the female, the female receiving and bearing the fruit of that gift in her womb.  Thus, in the marriage right, in the sacramental life of the marriage, we inherently understand who God is, and what his relationship with us is.  Thus, St. Paul tells the husband to lay down his life for that of his wife, and to the wife, to be of the same mission and direction (submissive: sub=under missio=mission/direction) as the husband.

Marriage becomes a concrete way to teach our body these spiritual truths.  This becomes a concrete way to understand, and know in a deeper way the love and the ways of God.  If we live these ways properly, then we also unlock and understand the beauty of marriage.  It is only in living within the means of what marriage was designed for that we can truly rest in the Love of God, and be at peace, with happiness.

Jesus unlocked something new for us. A way hinted at within the Old Testament, but revealed and understood more through His very life.  For some the forgoing of a sexual and marriage relationship for the good of the kingdom of God is a honorable and noble vocation.  In this way a person can actually live on earth the complete gift of self to God, that we will all live with God for eternity.  Jesus revealed to us that there will be no marrying or giving in marriage in heaven.  We are instead married to God.  The scriptures are full of the imagery of God the bridegroom and His people the bride. Celibacy becomes a new way of understanding the relationship of God and His people, a total gift of self to God, and to His people.  A devotion of a life in service of others.

Homosexual marriages do not fit within the spectrum of this total gift of self to another.  On the outside it may seem life they should.  Can’t a man lay down his life for another man, or a woman for another woman?  Yes, they can totally sacrifice for another.  In fact we are called to lay down our lives for all our friends.  Yet, the marriage relationship goes beyond this laying down of life.  It must be consummated, the sexual act must be sacramental.  Thus the sexual act itself must show this same situation. Although, sex is pleasurable, it is not intended to be for pleasure only.  Sexual acts are mean to culminate in that total self gift of all that one person is to another.  This is why the Church says that any sexual arousal amongst spouses must culminate in the uninhibited full sexual intercourse. The gift of fertility must be there.  Climax should be attempted to culminate together, as a sign of dying to each other.  The gift of one into that of the other, receiving the gift.  In the homosexual relationship this mutual gift of self is by the very nature cut short from being able to do this.

This is of course just a short overview of the spiritual and theological nature of marriage.  There is much more to this, and each of these paragraphs could have been a book in themselves.

Let us continually fight to teach the truth about who we are, and what will truly satisfy us!  St. Anne, St. Joachim … pray for us!


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