We follow up yesterday’s Gospel with the gospel today where Jesus refers to Himself as the Bridegroom.  What a beautiful image that is.  Jesus is the bridegroom and through other scriptures we will find that we are the bride.  Following up from yesterday’s discussion on the Cross of Christ, and how that is a complete pouring out of self for the other, we can see what it is that Jesus wants us to understand in His relationship to us and the marital relationship.

There is a deep connection between the Cross and the marriage.  In Marriage the bride and the groom are to give to and for each other as much as Christ gave on the cross, completely. The groom should pour his very life into the bride, the bride her very life into the groom.  From this comes life, often this life materializes in the family through the conception of a child.  Now this love that is poured out between husband and wife pours forth over the child.  This begets a circle of love that continues to pour out and get shared throughout the family.  It is when we stop the sacrificial giving, when we stop denying ourselves, when we seek only our own good, that this relational life of the family gets messed up.  So we need to take a step back and right this, we need to examine our lives and determine how we have interrupted the sacrificial relationship of the Cross within the family.

Why is this important?  Because for all people their first recognition of who God is, is found in their relationships within their own family,  How well we live this out determines how easily we can find relationship with God.  As our familial relationships are messed up, so to it becomes difficult to understand and realize the relationship God desires with us.  A relationship where He as the Bridegroom, comes to us, embraces us, courts us, asks us to be one with Him, gives himself to us (even to the point of giving us His very flesh), and creates life within us.  This is the relationship Jesus desires.  And, when we accept that relationship, life flows throughout us, new disciples are created, grace flows to others, works of mercy are performed and give life to those we meet. Yet, when we reject this relationship, when we are unfaithful, when we divorce ourselves of this relationship, there Jesus stands, ready to accept us back, ready for us to return, staying faithful to the vows, ready to forgive.

Have we cheated on our bridegroom?  Have we turned away, have we divorced ourselves from him?  Examine this in our lives.  If we have, then it is time to return, it is time to ask for forgiveness, it is time to return to faithfulness.  Let nothing be a barrier in your relationship with God, stay true to your baptismal promises, be fertile and multiply, through the grace and love of Jesus Christ our Bridegroom.


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