Resources Year of Faith

October 11, 2012 through November 24, 2013 has been proclaimed the year of Faith by Pope Benedict XVI!

As part of this Year of Faith, I want to provide links to practical material that can be used during this year.  Vatican website for the Year of Faith. The USCCB has a page available with year of faith materials, videos and more.   Magnificat has a beautiful companion book for the entire year of faith.  This is a good resource for studying the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  Pillars of Catholicism is a free study designed by students at John Paul the Great Institute.  The school of faith has put together a great study of the Catechism.  24 sessions on DVD’s with study books as well.  This is a great study for groups or on your own, if you really want to delve into the Catechism.  Faith and Reason was put together by the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio to discuss how faith and reason compliment each other.  An entire site created with printed materials available plus a blog. Year of Faith: A Bible study for Catholics by Fr. Mitch Pacwa  Think about using the Catholicism series for this Year of Faith.  A great resource for those who are coming back to the faith.  A site designed to help promote vocations to the religious life.  Designed by the USCCB to assist in the development and promotion of your marriage.  Ascension press is offering a 6 dvd set on the Creed for the Year of Faith.  It is 12 45 minute sessions.  Great resource to get more into the Bible.  Free private bible studies, and great resources.  Great resource with multiple lessons to choose from each week based of the readings for the week.  Also you can sign up for GPS Gospel Pray Study, that will assist with your daily prayer life. This is a great way to read and study the Catechism over a year.  They will send a portion of the Catechism to your e-mail daily for a year.  Lighthouse is a great Catholic organization, getting Catholic teaching out to everyone at a very reasonable price. These are great resources for the Year of Faith. 5 part series free to watch from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.  Fr. Baron came in to give a series on the New Evangelization.


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